Lot Clearing and Building Preparation for Greater Victoria

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If you’re building a structure on a new lot in Greater Victoria, chances are you’ll need a lot clearing service to identify protected trees, remove unwanted trees and brush, and prep the area for the building crew to come in and do their magic.

Whether you’re building an access road or a building site, or both, a lot or land clearing service in Victoria is a smart way to incorporate drainage control, prevent erosion, and help you sculpt your property to maximize your views, value, and enjoyment.

Efficient, Professional, and Safe

Through a comprehensive site assessment, our lead arborist will identify which trees should be removed and which should stay so you can work with your development team to optimize your property.

Harbourview Tree Experts, our family-owned and locally operated company, offers professional lot clearing services in Victoria and the surrounding areas for residential and commercial clients.            

Rules and Regulations

The various municipalities around Victoria have strict guidelines for tree removal. Our experienced team can help you make informed decisions for your building lot to abide by the rules while creating a naturally beautiful space.