Tree Trimming and Pruning in Victoria, BC

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The trees, bushes, and shrubs on your property in Victoria grow naturally, shaped by the ground, wind, water, sun, and human-interactions. And when the natural growth isn’t optimal, Harbourview Tree Experts can professionally shape it to bring more light to your life and beauty to your yard.

Our certified arborist can provide a full assessment of the trees and bushes in your yard that need attention, recommending specific approaches to improve the health and wellness of your trees, bushes, hedges, and greenscaping.

Why prune?

  • Improved overall health and appearance
  • Enhanced view from your home
  • Increased sunlight into your home or garden

Our pruning services:

  • Remove dead, damaged, dangerous or diseased branches
  • Seasonal pruning to minimize the potential for damage due to falling boughs
  • Corrective pruning to shape trees and shrubs
  • Wind-firming, to prevent trees from being knocked down by the wind
  • Pruning to contain overgrown shrubs and trees